Web marketing

Web marketing is the only way to obtain a return on the maximum number of consumers.

In addition to the presence on the web it is essential to have visibility. Web Marketing aims to promote the visibility of the site and services/ products offered through the following tools:

web marketing

1) Web Marketing: SEO – website optimization to facilitate search engines to index and place it in its highest rank.

  • Increase in website traffic;
  • Moderate costs of promotion;
  • High conversion of site visitors to buyers;
  • The minimal negative effect on the visitor/buyer.
web marketing

2) Web Marketing: La pubblicità contestuale – annunci pubblicitari che compaiono sotto la casella di ricerca. Funziona sul principio di parole chiave mirate dai motori di ricerca.


  • L’annuncio appare immediatamente tra i primi risultati della ricerca;
  • Non c’è sempre bisogno dell’ottimizzazione del sito web secondo i requisiti dei motori di ricerca;
  • Remarketing: un potenziale cliente, che per qualche motivo ha abbandonato il sito, riceve la vostra pubblicità contestuale sulle risorse di terze parti;
  • Il cliente paga non per le inserzioni o il tempo, ma per le transizioni di potenziali clienti al suo sito web;
  • Effetto rapido: in contrasto con il SEO, l’effetto della pubblicità contestuale può essere percepito nei tempi molto brevi.
web marketing

3) Web Marketing: Advertising banners – animated or static banners, videos published on the site as an advertisement.

  • Possibility of targeted promotion on certain factors (gender, age, work area, etc.);
  • Successful banners remain for a long time in the memory of visitors to the site;
    Ability to monitor the basin of potential users: the increased traffic to the site that hosts the advertising means greater coverage;
  • It’s the most effective tool to increase brand recognition.
web marketing

4) Web Marketing: Social Media Marketing – promotion through social networks.


  • Possibility to interact with potential customers;
  • No cost for advertising in social networks, if this is not a paid campaign;
  • Customer loyalty and communication on the development of your company, changes, promotions, etc.
web marketing

5) Web Marketing: Viral Marketing – the actions of “viral” diffusion through the web public..

  • Speed and ease of position;
  • Customer loyalty without the irritating effect of advertising;
    Low cost;
  • Easy identification of the target;
  • The lack of restrictions and censorship.
web marketing

6) Web Marketing: Direct Email Marketing – sending e-mails with advertising content to an audience within the relevant market segment.

  • The possibility of target formation for a given parameter: type of activity, geographical location, age, etc. ;
  • Stability of the clientele;
  • Detailed report and the possibility to verify the effectiveness.
web marketing

7) Web Marketing: Content management – the creation and dissemination of useful content for customers/users/consumers.

  • Ability to quickly gain readers’ trust;
  • Identification of the company and its product/service with positive emotion in the image of the user;
  • Interesting content increases traffic to the site;
  • An engaging text does not look like an advertisement and is not irritating to customers.