Software development

Custom software development

KG Partners deals with software development and is able to idealize, design and implement applications upon customer request, created to meet the specific needs of the business and the particularities of the various production/administrative processes.
Although there are huge quantities of packaged software for every type of industry, the market is not able to cover the entire spectrum of modern production and business processes. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene by inserting vertical modules where possible or by developing new re-engineering processes.
The complete upgrade and integration allow the company a smooth transition to modern products and technologies, eliminating the risks of business interruption.

  • Advantages of custom software development:
  • The possibility of acquiring only the desired functionality;
  •  Automation of own processes according to their characteristics;
  • The ability to add new features to the already installed system without modifying other components;
  • Strict control of project time and budget;
  • A high level of quality and compliance with users’ needs;
  • Guaranteed after-sales service and the possibility of further development of the system;
  • A significant reduction of burden to your IT service.

KG Partners, in addition to tailor-made software, has several software packages developed in-house, customizable according to your needs.
Our software packages in principle are good for the universal needs of the sector to which the software is dedicated, as these packages have been developed on specific directives often also by law. By installing a software package, you not only gain on installation time, but also save on the cost of the product.

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