Internet Solutions

Complete Internet solutions for all types and sizes of businesses.

KG Partners offers multiple Internet solutions taking into account specific needs.

Our task is to make your web experience positive and effective!
KG Partners, being an Application Service Provider (ASP), provides IT services, available via the Web.

All this is reflected in the timing of the design, purchase costs and installation of the software.
The services provided by KG Partners are the following:

  • E-commerce stores and portals. Commercial companies who wish to rent an online store in ASP can choose an option suitable for their purposes. It’s a “turnkey” solution that requires minimal installation costs.
  • Business management and control systems (ERP – Enterprise Resources Planning). These are complex systems that cover most of the production flows. The development of the mode in ASP has made this type of application accessible for many companies and not just large companies, but small to medium alike.
  • Customer Management Systems (CRM – Customer Relationship Management) have become an indispensable element of modern society, offering services in various sectors, from shops to telecommunications companies. The rapid use of a CRM allows companies to establish a new level of relationship with customers.
  • Human Resources Management System (HRMS – Human Resource Management). Such applications fit well for use in ASP mode, since most companies have similar needs for personnel management and therefore the configuration per specific users is minimal.
  • Hosting services. The main objective of hosting is the provision of data placement services and/or websites on servers. In this way, hardware and software costs are eliminated, data access and availability are guaranteed everywhere.