KG Partners offers SMS Server solutions not only to send communications to users but above all to provide interactive options that are  easy to use, fast and low-cost management: send massive automatic SMS with special offers, discounts, info to customers on appointments or status of practices directly from your app/website, use the SMS gateway integrated to your platform to send urgent notices to citizens of public bodies/pa, such as: emergency snow or info on credit food vouchers via SMS.


KG Partners offers installation and configuration services of Voip telephone exchanges, which have the same functionalities as the traditional systems but allow to reduce telephone costs remarkablly because the calls take place on an internet line.

KG Partners is able to cover all the phases of the project, from the feasibility study to the design and implementation of the Voip plant with switchboard and digital telephones: from creating the telephone number to issuing the bill including in-depth statistics to monitor traffic.




The Kg Partners’ team develops for its customers a customized IVR application , the call center, which has now evolved into a tool that facilitates not only customer service, but also other processes that are open for automation such as: the management of the workforce; payment solutions or service orders. The vast automation potential of IVR-enabled is already pushing more and more companies to search for functionality-rich solutions and to develop better supplied and customized IVR applications.


KG Partners is able to develop projects for the management of fax documents with the company’s document management policies.
The Fax Server offers significant opportunities to optimize business processes and reduce costs.
The system, based on new generation technology, works in connection with the existing email system. The system makes it possible to move the activities carried out by the traditional fax into your workstation. In this way, through a properly configured email account, you can send and receive faxes using as recipients also user groups.