KG Partners has the skills to implement different types of servers, working professionally, quickly and at very affordable prices. Our company is able to provide effective and secure server solutions for both Intranet and Internet servers as well as various virtualization systems.



KG Partners was among the first companies to deal with applications and integration infrastructure, creating utility models to create cloud-based services, distribution platforms, and service operating models.

This deep and intrinsic experience in cloud computing consulting and experience in cloud computing technologies gives KG Partners a competitive advantage. KG Partners’ approach focuses on building and delivering consulting and implementation services or migrating to private, public or hybrid clouds and cloud operations services.

In addition, KG Partners is also active in applications in various vertical (and microverticals) sectors that can be delivered through Cloud services.


Virtualization technologies are imposing a substantial paradigm shift in today’s computing environments.

Traditionally, IT organizations used a model in which applications and services were closely linked to a physical infrastructure. This stack consisted of servers, storage resources, networks, network cables, switches, routers and firewalls. Modern server virtualization allows high levels of resource utilization through server consolidation, but requires an investment in server hardware to host the solution.

The two areas of optimization as well as a return on global investment compared to traditional systems, concern a simpler management of performance, high reliability and the set of features possible in addition to business continuity. Our company is highly competent in this regard.




Illegal or inappropriate websites are easily accessible by any user of the network via a common browser. These same sites are often infected with malware that can be used to steal confidential information and reduce employee productivity by placing the company in a condition of non-compliance with regulations, with the risk of losing any funding and even incurring criminal liability. KG Partners offers an innovative solution – Sonicwall’s Content Filtering Service (CFS), which allows content filtering for distributed companies, educational institutions, libraries, state agencies and public hotspots for Internet access.


Kg Partners provides the Dedicated Mail Server service as a response to requests from customers who wish to manage the mail service associated with their domain (or their domains) in complete autonomy, without limitation on the number or size of the boxes and the ability to send messages without constraints.




KG Partners is able to offer its customers a web server that guarantees a sustainable and reliable software ecosystem, open standart, interoperability and the possibility of targeted customization for the purposes.
We can summarize the advantages of Linux in server environment through 4 main points:

  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Hardware
  • Costs


To support customer needs, KG Partners has developed WINDOWS server solutions that enrich the infrastructure with all of Microsoft’s experience in offering cloud services on a global scale, with new features and improvements for: virtualization; management and storage; network connectivity; access and data protection; web platform and applications and more.