IOT – Internet of Things


One of the key aspects for the future development of the Internet of Things is the exploitation of the collected data by reducing costs and improving efficiency for customers, or so that they can generate value externally by selling to third parties, thus opening new business opportunities.
Kg Partners develops, designs, manufactures, markets and installs monitoring and control systems based on the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN – Wireless Sensor Networks).




The term embedded system (integrated systems) generally identifies all electronic microprocessor processing systems designed specifically for a given application and not re-programmable by the user for other purposes, integrated in the system they control and able to manage all or part of the required functionality.

A pioneer in the introduction of technological tools, KG Partners adopts computer and high-tech systems that ensure greater efficiency, precision and effectiveness in carrying out its activities, and is able to intervene in very diverse contexts. We provide the customer with a complete range of services ranging from design consulting to implementation, up to after-sales management and maintenance service.