The development team KG Partners has consigned many projects within  field of IT, always trying first of all to understand the needs of the customer and then find a solution suitable to meet the needs of the work process.



Token regeneration
The implementation of the computer infrastructure to manage the process of generating and regenerating tokens through the various processes of the SISTRI system. The token (physically a USB stick), a fundamental element in the SISTRI platform, can be subject to multiple traumatic events which can in the long run compromise its integrity.
KG Partners has implemented an effective system of auto diagnostics and regeneration and delivery of new tokens.

Document management
The client needed to manage the large flow of documentation produced in the various processes of the SISTRI system.
KG Partners has put in place a unified electronic filing system of the entire documentation base.


Warehouse management
Creation of a software that allows you to manage the IT materials and General Services. All “immobilized” materials are recorded in a database and followed throughout the life of the asset within the company.
The materials are identified by an RFID tag (or label). This identifier is associated with every single material: the location, the owner, the financial and technical data are information attached to the materials themselves.
Thanks to complete digitization of the warehouse it is possible to trace every operation, fiscal or physical, on the goods and materials inside the company.

Billing protocol
At the request of the client, the software has been developed to manage the validation flow of invoices, starting from the invoice protocol, invoice scanner, entry into the database, budget validation and technical validation.

Waste management
Implementation of the software that allows a centralized and computerized management of all the processes concerning the production and disposal of waste produced in the various local production units. A platform has been created that allows a global, secure and standardized management of all the tasks related to waste management, to obtain a real-time management and save all the data (backup and history of the various years) achieving an improvement in process management.

Istituto Nazionale per le Malattie Infettive

“Lazzaro Spallanzani”

Management of pathological anatomy department 
The software solution for the management of a department or a laboratory of pathological anatomy, which accurately manages the traceability, through a system of protocol, of all the operations necessary to a department, namely: from the patient registry , the registration of the materials on which the various examinations and specialist surveys are to be carried out, as well as simplifying the compilation of the various models with pre-established paragraphs.

Dematerialized prescription
The software solution is designed for the management of the new type of prescription,  either electronic or dematerialized, integrated with the patient’s medical record, whose production takes place directly on the network SAR (Regional Reception System) according to the specified technical specifications.


Travelport Worldwide Ltd

Chatbot Booking Assistant
Chatbot Booking Assistant was developed by KG Partners and is a tool to automatically identify and respond to a number of requests sent after booking.
Chatbot Assistant is based on a specially developed artificial intelligence system, which allows customers to receive immediate assistance for active bookings and answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the hospital stay, via an easy and intuitive chat program.


Porto di Civitavecchia

Wireless Network Sensors 
Design of the wireless observation system for the pier’s chests, to monitor the effects of vibrations due to seabed movements.
KG Partners has developed a system of autonomous electronic devices able to analyze structures subjected to stress, whether they are natural (volcanoes, earthquakes, wind, storms, floods) or caused by human activities.