Mixed Reality

KG Partners presents Holo-connect

Holo-connect is the project of KG Partners to involve all those companies and start-ups that intend to develop and implement in their services the mixed reality / mixed reality, exploiting the latest technologies!

Project development in Mixed Reality

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality or Mixed Reality is the fusion between real and virtual world, involving all R technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Virtual Reality) with physical reality, in order to:

Designing new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects coexist

Develop methods to interact in real time, both with physical and digital objects

Involve different sectors to optimize business processes

Mixed reality is the future of companies


Let's plan a mixed reality project together...

...it's a path that also includes the training of company staff to new technologies employed.

Ask us why mixed reality is the future

Mixed realty is for everyone

“Imagine you’re in aroom and suddenly you have the chance to do something extraordinary: fly a jet, swim with sharks, visit the Louvre. Our guys did it! Thanks to KG Partners, they had the opportunity to experience the #Realtàvirtuale: through #VR headsets they were immersed in scenarios pseduo-realistic and so they could touch the potential of this tool.”

“ELIS” – 21/01/2019, Rome, Italy


What technologies are used?

Curious? Holo-let’s connect!

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