Every little bit as much as every big piece of information has a commercial value because it can affect the decision-making process or even reshape the very structure of an organization. Although the most important business know-how is often stored in multiple data centers, difficult to access and hidden by various types of permissions, encryption techniques and authentication mechanisms, in order to ensure a certain data security, The best standards of cybersecurity must be guaranteed.

KG Partners pay close attention to safety issues!

To ensure the high standards of IT security, we have created a trained and specialized department that oversees the safeguarding of our data and that of all our customers.

KG Partners in the field of IT security offers a service of 360 degrees that starts from the design and modification of processes, continues with the configuration of the most appropriate technologies, and ends with the verification of legislative regulations.

The main IT security solutions

CyberSecurity – Data security

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your IT environment in terms of IT security, recommending the most congenial changes, always taking into account the highest industry standards and compliance. The full audit will include a cross-cutting vision, which goes beyond the technological aspect, thus including internal processes, documentation and security policies. This method therefore allows you to find out where there is a possibility of improvement in network segmentation, virtualization, middleware or configuration settings of operating systems and more in applications, supervision and/or identification of internal and external threats.

Test the degree of security of data within applications and various systems

We will analyze the security of your applications: we will focus on their authentication methods, source codes, servers, Wifi and network elements, SCADA systems and other IT elements.
Through pentesting actions, identifying bugs, vulnerabilities or 0-day, recommending with guidelines what needs to be done for their resolution.
At the end of the entire process, we will produce a summary report with all relevant specifications.

Test specific units or departments to various types of attacks such as social engineering

We will test the resources of a company and their key employees on the ability to distinguish a phishing-email with within ransomware.
To ensure greater security, employees should be aware of the existence of such attacks, recognise them and how to avoid them.
We can train a company’s employees to behave in the best way in the face of the most popular hacking attacks, ensuring a higher degree of resistance to increasingly complex attacks.

Compliance analysis and Audit

In the verification phase, compliance will be examined and compared to the required standards and regulations, such as: ISO27001, GDPR or NIS. Consideration of compliance with the various regulations requires a broad knowledge of regulations and practices. KG Partners in this regard has a team of experienced professionals who will entrust the execution of audits, minimizing the costs required.

Check resistance to attacks

Let’s take a look at at how the adopted systems behave in the face of targeted cyber-attack operations. In everyday reality, the most motivated attackers are accustomed to dodge various obstacles,skilfully finding ways to: intercept communications through the company’s Wifi network, exploit mobile applications, servers or Web services, infect unsuspecting victims with malware using elevated privileges within the organization. We will therefore identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by those who really want to penetrate the systems, in order to ascertain the possible attacks and prepare an adequate defense.