Chatbot is a software based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of simulating an intelligent conversation with the user in a chat. In fact it offers a functional service and support through the main messaging platforms such as Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger.

How does chatbot system work?

Saas Model

Creation of Apps to which users

access via the Internet

Personal publicity

For personal publicity
(like, follow and automatic comments )

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products sold by
another site through special links

Lead generation

Acquire qualified contacts (leads) through conversations with customers


Information about products and services through a simple chat between the user and a bot

Customer service

Virtual assistant able to answer you on a series of topics

What do we offer our clients?

Cross-platform development

  • multi-channel communication
  • third-party API integrations such as CRM, ERP, knowledge base, accounting software
  • processing of payments in messages
  • integration of the payment gateway

The natural flow of the language and an unlimited number of simultaneous chats. Conversational agents are fully automatic and always provide instant responses to users.

Voice recognition

  • context awareness
  • cross-platform
  • global vocabulary
  • live streaming

Using voice recognition, there is no longer the need to use keyboards.

Model recognition

  • predictive analysis
  • recognition of the business model
  • analysis of evidence

By recognising models, a model-based strategy can be used for a simplified decision.

Natural language processing

  • in-depth analysis
  • machine translation
  • automatic synthesis
  • sentiment analysis

In order to summarize texts or extract precise targeted information from texts, computers need to be able to understand textual consistency.